Post Info TOPIC: dessert and prairie areas

Date: Nov 12, 2008
dessert and prairie areas

Looking at the form of the robot and the location of the cameras. The system seem to ideal for surveillance on vast dessert areas or prairie.

Judging from some of the picture, the shell has a flexible traction system based on rubber.
Have you made any life-time analysis of these including thermal cycling and endurance to tiny, but very sharp gravel on highlands?

Do you have any technical papers or references on the system?

Interesting product.


Date: Nov 13, 2008

Interesting application area where we also believe GroundBot would be beneficial. We have done lot's of analyses and are confident that we can operate in areas such as you describe. However, currently we are focusing on more places such as airports, harbors, etc...

In regards to technical papers and references we do not, at this point, share these in public.

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