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Prof Taylor

Date: Aug 29, 2009
as a leading robot designer i have to say im quite impressed with your early results

I doubt if many people realize that "robo balls" such as these will comprise around 50% of all urban robots in the future

When i first developed the technology back in the 70's computing power & battery power was very limited and the project was shelved.

The key advantages of roboballs (rollerballs)in urban environments is as follows
simplicity & low cost
user friendly appearance (non threatening)
most urban environments tend to be quite flat (so do lakes and swimming pools)


once the AI of the base station is fully developed they will be employed to aid people with physical and sensory impairment (in a similar manner to a dog for the blind )

all terrain versions will find be very useful for shooting and fishing & conservation
(target location,tracking & retrieval)

security is another application - patrolling offices and shopping malls out of hours

they also make very effective guides (museum,theme park,conference halls and arenas)

another role is that of TV presenter rolling round the desk (small) and studio floor (large)

(an early demo i built was quite entertaining reading the news & delivering weather reports)
and was also used to tell jokes in a childrens TV pilot show & adlib with the human co presenter) {personality was a cross between Maxheadroom & Orac of blakes7}

where AI is limited telecommunication with a human acting as a base station is quite sufficient


so i wasn't kidding when i make the prediction that 50% of all urban bots will be rollerballs

though i doubt that your company will be able to fully capitalize on its potential as the R&D resources (time/ money / ability) required to fine tune the product to the various niche markets

Unfortunately robotics we will stagger haphazardly into the future (like the laser its an invention looking for an application ) its true market value overlooked,undervalued

This will continue until such time as that company like the ASIMOVS fictional "US Robotics" is created.

Only then will you be able to have the "money" people and the "robosmart" people sat round the same table & be able to hit the EXPONENTIAL BUTTON

cheque in the post please

did i mention i was a genius ?

Prof Taylor

Date: Aug 29, 2009
Permalink all the excitement I forgot my email address

on the off chance that the Managing Director realizes wisdom isn't a 4 letter word

but then what do i just a poor Genius :-D

A wiseman living in a world of sheepish fools fools has two choices

despair or arrogance

( i find a little of both works wonders for the ego.... if not for the bank balance)

but what do i know

Im only a Genius

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